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This journal is mostly FRIENDS ONLY.

You can find creative products at [livejournal.com profile] cerebel_fics ; the roundup of all posted fics is here. Interested in the fic? Friend/join the community. Otherwise? Comment to be added :)
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Any meme can be requested for a repost at any time. Provided it's not still like on the first two pages of Bakerstreet. Feel free to steal and post other places as much as you like.

Buffyverse AU Meme - In which vampires are fought and Slayers are chosen.
Star Wars AU Meme - The simplified version. Be Jedi, Sith, Rebellion, Imperial, Independent.
Dollhouse AU Meme - The spruced up version. Be a Doll or work in a House, go on a mission, get freed, get sexed.
Dragonriders of Pern AU Meme - You have yourself a dragon. With bonus non-horribly-sexist colors.
Criminal AU Meme - If your life had taken a different turn...
Killer vs. Cop (Optionally AU) Meme - For the cat-and-mouse chase between serial killer and cop.
War Zone Meme - for the heroism and violence and terror present in a war.
Stockholm Meme - Psychological torture, in different scenarios.
Hurt Me Meme - Physical and psychological torture, for kinky purposes.
Dub-Con Meme - Smut with dubious consent.
Hooker AU Meme - Someone's paying for sex.
Fanfiction Trope Meme - Including sex pollen and other similar tropes.
Alpha/Beta/Omega Meme - Placing a character into a 'verse where submission is a matter of biology.
BDSM Lifestyle Meme - For safe, sane and consensual sexy and non-sexy kinks.
Gothic House Meme - Centering on the horror trope of a Gothic house.
Survival Hunt Meme - Trapped somewhere, and you need to survive.
Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook Meme - Taken from the Worst Case Scenario handbook.
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Coming soon! Just using this so I have something to link.
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9 / 55 (16.36%)

7 / 55

Gonna start keeping track of these. As soon as I finish one or the other of these, I will let myself actually play at the new games where I've apped/app back at games where I've dropped.

Today, Humane looks like the most likely prospect. But who knows.

[ progress bar source. ]
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Pick a scenario, post with your character and roll for the scene. Or just pick. That's cool too.

For the setting:

1) CASTLE. Throne rooms, private chambers, long hallways.
2) TAVERN. Rough-hewn tables, rough-hewn clientele.
3) DUNGEONS. Iron bars, rusty chains, and terrible food.
4) JOUST. The knights of the realm are battling.
5) FIELDS. It's a hard, long day working to grow food.
6) MARKET. There's a well, there are some craftsmen selling things. It's a medieval mall.

And once you've decided the setting, decide your role:

1) ROYALTY. You are a King, Queen, Prince, Princess or close relative.
2) KNIGHT. You are a warrior of the realm.
3) WITCH/WIZARD. Official court magician? Crazy old lady with a lot of herbs? You decide.
4) PEASANT. Yeah, your life sucks.
5) CRAFTSMAN. Blacksmith, woodworker. Apprentice or master is up to you.
6) SERVANT. Your life is utterly devoted to the one you serve.
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Icons for this comic exist nowhere on the internet; however, since I just started RPing the main character, I had to have a few. So I made some.

Thus, 18 Madame Mirage icons under the cut, all of the characters Harper Temple and Madame Mirage.

Click me: )
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Finally updated my list of RP journals. So now you all can see what the hell I was doing that whole time I was absent from this journal >>

In other news, today's going to be spent revising this godawful play I'm supposed to be doing for playwriting class -- man, really, it just sucks. I guess, in learning to write plays instead of screenplays, I just had to get one really, really bad one out of my system. Or maybe the awesome script I wrote last quarter had to be tempered by something just grossly incompetent. Either way, it's terrible, and, at this point, I just don't want to even touch it. Plus, I'm working on a final project for another class, and that one's taking up enough time that any rewrites I do are just going to be thrown together last-minute, and that's really going to make things worse.

I'm seriously considering telling the teacher that I just won't be able to get rewrite pages to her this week, and honestly telling her why -- namely, I don't have the time to devote to it to do it properly, and I just can't revise until my head's clear enough to concentrate. She's pretty awesome, she might understand.

In fannish news, I just read Feral City -- the graphic novel, part one of Fell, by Warren Ellis -- and goddamn it is amazing. Some really rough parts, some really gross parts, and an ending that was just like oh fuck yes. Highly recommended.
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Hey guys. I just did a giant flist cut, and that's because I'm kind of changing the purpose of this journal. Mostly all I use it for now is to post fanfic to my fic comm and to watch RSS feeds.

But. A lot of my RL friends are on here (hi guys) and I don't have much other way to keep in contact with them, so this is going to be that too.

As a result, I ended up defriending a whole crapton of fandom friends, mostly because I'm fail and haven't interacted with you in a million years. If you'd like to get back in touch, reconnect, then I'd be happy to, but I don't want to be watching a whole bunch of journals of people that I never talk to anymore.

So, uh, hey guys, and hope I can post here more regularly from here on out.
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Odd question here.

Do Aaron Doral (Cylon #5) icons exist anywhere on the internet? I've been searching around, and I haven't been able to find a single one.
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I'm on the lookout for fantasy novels with interesting magic setups, to help with working out all the magical systems in the RPG that I currently mod.

I'm not a huge fantasy reader, but I've covered Discworld, Dark is Rising, Lord of the Rings, and a couple others - and not really looking for fantasy epics or good stories (though good stories are nice) but again more the interesting magic setup. Any kind of magic is good too, from magecraft to witchcraft or whatever.

Anyone have any ideas? The internet isn't really turning up what I want.
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Pick a character that I have written, or that you know I have substantial headcanon about, and ask any five questions about him or her. Be sure to specify whether you would like responses to be OOC (responding as the writer) or IC (responding as the character). Originals included.

Stolen from various people.
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Hey, guys, remember that RPG I mentioned a few times, like, last year?

Well, reserves and applications are OPEN at [livejournal.com profile] rowantree_rpg!

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This tiny short video nearly made me cry. Amazing animation, you all must watch.

Watch more cool animation and creative cartoons at aniBoom
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As of late I seem to have developed an incredible crush on Thomas Jefferson (as played by Stephen Dillane), and thus done a lot of research on him, I made this:

[livejournal.com profile] tasteofconcern [livejournal.com profile] tasteofconcern [livejournal.com profile] tasteofconcern

(Blog source is here, at Blogspot, because the LJ feed hasn't updated yet.)

Here follow the clear-thinking arguments of a citizen, myself, Thomas Jefferson, concerned with the course of this country as a whole and with its elements in particular.

A modern!Jefferson, with views I've tried to keep as consistent as possible with the original historical character, while modernizing the context. Neither quite a Democrat nor a Republican (though he terms himself a Democrat, reluctantly, if pressed), Jefferson is concerned with issues of freedom - especially in religion and speech - noninterference in foreign affairs, the foolishness of deficit spending and excessive taxation and the danger of too much centrally collected power in such a fast-growing population.

And he responds to comments.

If you're as big of a history geek as I am, please, come check it out!
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Everyone with a Netflix account should head online and watch the premiere of United States of Tara pretty much now. It'll only take like half an hour of your time, and it's totally awesome. A soccer mom with dissociative identity disorder, and all her multiple personalities, and it's soon to air on Showtime. I'm excited.
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I'm not really in the Doctor Who fandom; nor am I particularly concerned, one way or the other, about the pick of the new Doctor. I'm sure he'll be fine. I'll probably catch up on episodes at some point.

I just wanted to say -

Would Neal Patrick Harris not make a totally epic Doctor Who? Legen - wait for it - dary.

Never gonna happen. But I can dream.
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the fanficcers love meme, continued
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